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Brick House By CollectiveProject Bangalore, India

Architects                         CollectiveProject Location                           Bangalore, India Category                           Houses Design Team                    Cyrus Patell, Eliza Higgins, Prakash Uthappa, Akash Moish, Nandan                                                        Kelotra Area                                 4600.0 ft2 Project Year                     2018 Photographs                     Benjamin Hosking
Located in a major tech suburb of Bangalore, that until 15 years ago was open farmland, this project strives to create a quiet retreat for a young family of 5 in an otherwise densely populated and unplanned community.

Constructed on the foundation of a small brick house that the family had outgrown, the new layout builds off of the prevailing palette and angled plinth to create a private narrative of open and interconnected spaces that challenge the standard assumptions of load-bearing brick construction. 
The usage of hand-moulded table bricks with n…
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House in Tsukimiyama by Tato Architects

Name                               house in tsukimiyama Architect                          tato architects/yo shimada Location                          kobe, japan Main use                          house + salon Team                                yo shimada, takeshi oka, takeo wtanabe Structure                          takashi manda structural design Team                                takashi manda, taijiro kato Planting                           coca-z tatsuya kokaji Construction                    vico Site area                          139.36 sqm
Tato architects / yo shimada has completed a two-story, timber house with an inner courtyard for a couple and their child near tsukimiyama station, in kobe, japan. on the ground floor, the residence incorporates a living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as a detached WC and bathroom, linked to the main building via the inner garden. a door with a single-pane of glass and light wooden fittings separates the living room from …

The Courtyard House - Hiren Patel Architects, Ahmadabad


Architects                              - Hiren Patel Architects
Location                                - Ahmadabad, India
Category                               - Houses
Area                                      - 245.0 sqm
Project Year                          - 2011
Photographs                         - Sebastian Zachariah

Text description provided by the architects.
The courtyard house is designed with a grid of 7’x7’. The house has been designed in such a the way that all the living spaces and passage face open space and garden, which was also the main design concept since its inception, thus creating a central courtyard which holds the reflection pool making it a major design element. This also makes the design an introvert one, leaving the garden at the backside but still visible and accessible from all the rooms of the house.

The formal living room comes first along with 2 bedrooms followed by 9’ wide passage parallel to the central courtyard a…

Publicis India Office Mumbai By Shiraz Jamali Architects

Architects                     :Shiraz Jamali Architects Location                       :Publicis India, The big apple 28, Dr. E. Borges Road, Opp. Dr.                                                                    Shirodkar High School, Next to Global Hospital, Parel,                                                                               Mumbai – 400012, IndiaCategory                      :Offices Interiors Design Team Shiraz Jamali Architects                    :Ar.Shiraz Jamali, Ar.Mammen Paul, Ar.Aliya Jumabhoy. Founding Architect     : Ar.Shiraz Jamali Photographs               :Suleiman Merchant
Text description provided by the architects. The old office of Publicis was located at the Todi Mills compound in Lower Parel. They occupied four floors of a commercial office building with each floor dedicated to one company of the Publicis Groupe. The design of the office was very formal, uninspiring and did not represent the kind of company they are nor the kind of outstand…


REASONS FOR SELECTION: She had done research on the city level by that she got to know that there are no much archaeological centers in and around the city so decided to take up the project as a youngster it is our duty to conserve old things it can be anything related architecture, art, history, etc.,
CONCEPT: Its concept is shape oriented as well as green roof architecture, creating a relation between archaeology and architecture design with quality of space in an institute of archaeology.
BRIEF ABOUT PROJECT:R.C.C structure with sustainable mound structure with green roof architecture. Use of exposed bricks…


EUGENE TSUI:Eugene Tsui is an architect based in California.Tsui is perhaps the first architect/designer in history to profoundly study, analyze and implement the workings of natural phenomena, through an interdisciplinary approach, as a basis for design at all scales including construction materials and methods.Tsui specializes in nature-influenced architecture, preferring shapes and forms inspired by living creatures and natural constructions to standard rectilinear designs.

“OJA DEL SOL YEN”:The Oja Del Sol Yen in California is the residence of the Tsui Family, Designed by Eugene Tsui.It implements the evolutionary practices of nature as a synthesis of a billion years of evolution applied to immediate needs and circumstances of form, function, and purpose.

FORM• The form is abstracted from the morphology of Tardigrade, which are minor phyla of microscopic invertebrates also named water bears. • Have 4 pairs of stumpy legs but are most closely related to certain worms. • They can su…